The NOW Literacies
In this Hands-on Learning Institute, we will look at the “Now” literacies, including information literacy, network literacy, digital citizenship, media and global literacy. We are preparing students for a time when what they know is not as important as what they can do with what they know. We are becoming a society where consumers have become producers and increasingly are required to be contributors. How does this translate into the classroom? What does this mean in terms of professional development and continued learning for teachers? How do we become leaders in the #NEWliteracies and make them #NOWliteracies in our schools? Participants in this Institute will explore the “Now” literacies, and will create and share through hands-on challenges

Pedagogical & Heutagogical Documentation: Supporting the “Now” Literacies
How can documenting our learning support the “Now” literacies? Let’s define documenting learning as a visible, interconnected, meta-cognitive approach for creating evidence of one’s own learning process (or the learning process of our students). How does documenting learning have effects on our awareness, skills and developing habits around the so called 21st century “Now” literacies?
Workshop participants will explore the relationship between literacy and documenting learning, participate in hands-on challenges and make these connections visible.